Sandymount Dusk 5

30x40cm oil on canvas.
Sandymount Strand, Co. Dublin.

Vico Trees – Plein Air

vico treesVico Road, Dalkey, County Dublin.

30x30cm oil on board.

3 or 4 sessions and still not 100% happy.

Kerry Road

kerry roadsAnother plein air painting from a 2019 trip to Kerry.

30x20cm oil on canvas plein air finished en studio.

The Beach Wall Dusk

45x21cm oil on board.
It appears Im painting a series of Sandymount paintings.


shanePortrait Commission.

40x40cm oil on canvas.

Poolbeg at Dusk

40x50cm oil on canvas.
Nothing says ‘childhood’ to me like the Strand.


30x20cm oil on canvas

George & Senan’s Excellent Adventure

senan and georgeCommission.

80x60cm oil on canvas.

Senan and his best friend George the dog having an adventure over Bray in a biplane.

Quite difficult to balance 3 different light sources etc and work from photos but pretty happy with the overall result. Always an honour to be asked to paint a loved one.

The Evil Witch

30x40cm oil on board.

Sleep paralysis probably. Scariest moment of my life.


35x45cm oil on canvas.

Tree on a Slope of Bray Head_plein air

‘Tree on a Slope of Bray Head’.

30x30cm plein air oil on board.
Whilst out walking on Bray Head I spied a nice tree. What attracted me towards it was the pose it struck on the diagonal slope and the thick base. Couple of afternoons well spent in the sun…….as the world burns.