40x50cm oil on canvas. Based on a sketch of a reflection in the bus window.

Dream: The Rescue

60x90cm Oil on Canvas. Based on a dream. Quaternity. The inferior function falling from a cliff into the unconscious. The trepidation of the rescue.


20x38cm oil on board.

Dreamhouse 1

30x30cm oil on board.

An image from the dreamworld.


50x60cm oil on canvas. Thick layers of paint on this one. An image from the unconscious.

Searcher, Dreamer

Inspired by dream, my friend commissioned this image for his difficult 2nd album cover. Redwood forest at dusk.

50x50cm oil on canvas.


60x80cm oil on canvas.

The Strange Death of Europe

A little inspired by Conor Walton’s painting ‘Barbarians at the Gate’, Author Douglas Murray and recent riots in France, this image popped into my head of the downfall of the current empire of the West. It has the feel of the blind ignorant mob coming to tear down the existing hierarchy. Tearing things down can be good….like a a snake shedding its skin…. or bad like when the last animal of a species goes extinct.


Commissioned oil on canvas


Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

The Gap of Dunloe, Co. Kerry.

Plein air oil on canvas. Finished en studio.


Waterville Lights Nocturne

50x20cm Oil on board

I stumbled upon Cable O’Learys pub one evening and copied a view that Andrew Gifford once painted. Still a lot to learn to integrate into my own style.

Ballaghisheen Pass

30x25cm oil on canvas.

The 5th painting from a trip to County Kerry.