The 3 Amigos

Another still life. Im finding painting from life much more satisfying than using photo references. ‘The 3 Amigos’ Oil on canvas. 40x20cm.

Going Clean

Oil on canvas. 25cmx35cm. Lots of layers. Lots of struggling. Not entirely happy with the paint surface.

Hugh 4

My mate Hugh again. I painted this in a different style, quite loosely by eye without a grid. As a result it has a life of its own, more of a character or carricature. Lots of layers. 40x50cm. Oil on canvas.

The Last Cream Donut

‘The Last Cream Donut’ Oil on Board. 26x25cm. My first finished painting since the still life workshop with Conor Walton. This composition and some of the techniques are lifted straight from his toolbox. I hope to integrate what I have learned  into my own style in the coming months.

Hugh 3

I attempted to paint Hugh and Donna Marie. Alas, I gave her a mauling that was irredeemable so it’s Hugh by himself. Very hard to paint accureately this small…if an eye is off by a millimetre the whole face is thrown. 20x21cm. Oil on board.

Sliced Pan after Conor Walton

Moderately successful attempt at bread from a weekend still life painting course hosted by Conor Walton. Cropped to 40x25cm. Oil on canvas.


A new commission. Lulu the Dachshund. Oil on canvas. 30x30cm.


20x20cm. Oil sketch on board. Part of a star wars triptych.


‘X-Wing’ Oil sketch on board. 20c21cm.


20x20cm oil on paper sketch.


30X30CM OIL ON CANVAS Jordan B Peterson


On Having No Head

‘On Having No Head’ – Oil on Canvas. 30x40cm. Part 3 of a self-portrait triptych I was attempting. It began with a portrait of my head on a purple background in a style reminiscent of 20th Century sci-fi novel covers. Next up was a still life inspired by Conor Walton using a geometrical composition focusing on several influential books Ive …