Steven Toast

25x25cm oil on board
The illustrious and talented Matt Berry as Steven Toast.
Fire the Nucular Weapons!

Mr Sunbeam

25x25cm oil on board.



25x25cm oil on board of Sean O’Reilly. An extraordinary specimen.

Chris Hauter

Chris Hauter, one of the Dirty Dozen in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This isnt a carricature, he actually looks as badass as this. Hes also an artist. (@chrishaueterart )

20x20cm oil on board.

Beck 4

One of my favourite singers.

20x20cm oil on board.

Trying out Sean Cheethams palette.

Solus Tower Bray – Plein Air

solus tower25x35cm plein air oil on board finished en studio.

The Solus Tower dominating the Corke Abbey housing estate like a giant UFO crushing the sun.

The Objector

35x70cm oil on canvas.

After David Jagger.

Marvis 2

30x30cm oil on board.

Out of the Fire There Rises

50x70cm oil on canvas
Photo source from last year, back when I could fit into that turtleneck, in the portrait gallery London looking at the Orpens.

The Prodigal Pagan


50x50cm oil on canvas.
Something to do with Christianity and Paganism and Bull cults and masculinity and middle-age-dom and Taurus and CoronaVirus™.

The Velocity of Now 2

20x20cm oil on board.

Fun bit of portrait practice of Thomas Sheridan.


30x30cm oil on board.

The Steps of the Temple

40x50cm oil on canvas.
Borrowing heavily from Franz Von Stuck and Frank Frazetta.
Something to do with danger, temptation and pitfalls on the way to something better.

Abandoned Train Tunnel on Bray Head

30x30cm oil on board. Painted from a pencil sketch I made a few years ago. I heard Francis Hamel say once that a good pencil sketch should provide enough information for you to make a painting from. Worth a shot.


Andrew Gifford, one of my top 3 favourite painters.

20x40cm oil on board.

I intended to do a paint sketch in one sitting of some of my favourite painters. This is the first one. But it ended up being more of a finished painting over many layers. Theres a few reasons for this: I forget how to paint every time I sit at the easel. My mind goes blank. I know to get a rough sketch in and add darks first but thats about it. My style is different every time. Sometimes the paint goes on nicely in the first layer. It depends though on what surface you use, which brand of paint, medium or not, level of priming, temperature, brushes, etc as to whether or not the paint sits nicely. Alors, not a sketch anymore but good practice nonetheless. Francis Hamel next (also in my top 3).