Queen Takes Pawn

Oil on Board
An image that popped into mind upon hearing of the AFU shelling an RF-occupied nuclear power station. I doff my cap to Western propogandists; the students have become the masters. Nuclear Winter sounds like fun.



Oil on canvas.

An attempt to channel George Frederic Watts and a reverse of my painting titled ‘Sheol’. Playing with Jungian ‘Type’ and his ‘Quaternities’. Been back and forth on this for months so gonna leave it and maybe Ill return to it in a few years.


Plein air oil on board finished in the studio
At Art in the Open plein air festival.

Angel Abroad

plein air oil on board finished in studio.
Kilrudderry House.

BF 110

Small sketch on some leftover board.
Oil on board.

BF 109

Small sketch on some leftover board.
Oil on board.

Cunard Portal Dolmen

Not far from the Hellfire Club in Dublin. Truly beautiful spot.

30x30cm plein air oil on board finished en studio.

Nice to spend a few hours staring at this. The temptation is to wax nostalgic about our ancestors and what they were trying to do with these megaliths and how they could manage to lift such heavy stones. A bit like the noble savage fallacy. But the thought occurred to me that maybe these were elitist monuments of the psychopathic control grid of the time. What would the common man of the time have thought of these stones I wonder.

Meehambee Dolmen

Plein air oil on board in the pissing rain

Poulnabrone Dolmen

30x30cm plein air oil on canvas board finished en studio.

Brennanstown Portal Dolmen

Brennanstown Portal Dolmen in Cabinteeley Co. Dublin. A truly beautiful example. 10 mins from my house and I never knew! Took me over an hour to find.

40x30cm plein air oil on board.

Boleycarrigeen Stone Circle

Boleycarrigeen Stone Circle in South West Wicklow.
40x20cm plein air oil on canvas
Magical beautiful place. Bit freaky.

Composite Man

A follow up piece to the ‘CryptoChoiceAwards.com’ paintings.

Composite man is the Market-Maker. It is he that you are a player against. Think like the MM or lose your capital.

This painting is loosely based off of Greg Mannarino and Michael Douglas and Christian Bale. A slick-back-haired trader trying to steal my principal. I envision him when I trade. I shall set a stop loss! You shall not have my money!


Crypto Choice Awards – The Moon

If I were a richman!

It is my pleasure to be the official portrait artist for the inaugural Crypto Choice Awards.

Go to www.cryptochoiceawards.com to get the lowdown on accessing your free-to-mint NFT.

Painting no:5 – The Moon. One of the most watched Crypto Youtubers this past year.

My supreme pleasure to have my good friend darraghoneill.com on board for the timelapse music. What an arrangement!