Hugh 3

TurpinI attempted to paint Hugh and Donna Marie. Alas, I gave her a mauling that was irredeemable so it’s Hugh by himself. Very hard to paint accureately this small…if an eye is off by a millimetre the whole face is thrown.

20x21cm. Oil on board.

Sliced Pan after Conor Walton

BreadModerately successful attempt at bread from a weekend still life painting course hosted by Conor Walton.

Cropped to 40x25cm. Oil on canvas.


Lulu the dogA new commission. Lulu the Dachshund.

Oil on canvas.



20x20cm. Oil sketch on board. Part of a star wars triptych.


Oil sketch on board. 20c21cm.


20x20cm oil on paper sketch.



Jordan B Peterson


On Having No Head

‘On Having No Head’ –

Oil on Canvas. 30x40cm. Part 3 of a self-portrait triptych I was attempting.

It began with a portrait of my head on a purple background in a style reminiscent of 20th Century sci-fi novel covers. Next up was a still life inspired by Conor Walton using a geometrical composition focusing on several influential books Ive read over the years (including ‘On Having No Head’ by Douglas Harding, the English philosopher whos work this triptych is based). Finally this canvas painted from the point of view of the first person, from Zer0 inches, if you will, painted in a looser style than the preceeding couple of more refined, more cerebral paintings.

The idea is that when you look out from Zero inches you have no head. Where you thought your head was there is actually only the world(on present evidence) Only a black hole of empty space, capacity for everything. Max Ernst has many drawings in this style.


Norm the DogA shaggy dog called Norm. Afternoon sketch.

20x20cm. Oil on paper.

22 Ellesmere Avenue Christmas

inside paintingWhile everyone else is celebrating Im painting in the hallway like a weirdo on my new French easel. Lots of thick paint and palette knife action. A little glazing afterwards but thats it. Trying to capture that ‘field colour’ effect of cold and warm lighting.

30x40cm. Oil on deep edge board.

Books, Brushes, Bottle

Books self portrait30x40cm.

Oil on canvas.

30-50 hrs approx.

Part 2 of a triptych self-portrait. This one has some items that have influenced me over the years. That lettering was brutal! Made a mistake of not applying coats of gesso or an imprimatura at the beginning which didnt help.

Part 3 en route.


Millie the dog oil paintingCommission for a friend.


Oil on Canvas.

Leon the Cleaner

Sketch of Leon in a leather jacket on the streets of Bray kicking ass and being awesome.

40x30cm. Oil on paper.