Bullock Harbour Dalkey – Plein Air

bullock harbour

Just up the road from Bullock Harbour in Dalkey County Dublin.

Oil on board.


Right, so the story is I get there and do my preliminary thumbnail sketches, drive down the road for a cappuccino, come back and set up my easel etc and draw my sketch on the board then lay out my paints….wait…..wheres my white paint? Noooooo! So I high-tail it home and paint it in the studio from a camera phone photo. At what point does it cease to be ‘en plein air’? If <50% of the time was in the studio perhaps?

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  1. Hi Jude, thanks for getting in touch.

    Yes, most of my work is for sale.
    I will email you back in a mo.

    Kind regards,

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