Briar Wood Haw

25x25cm Plein air oil on board finished in studio. On a slope of Bray Head.

The Hill of Tears

30x20cm Plein air Oil on canvas on my birthday on the Dublin/Wicklow border. Carrickgolligan Hill which I was told was nicknamed the Hill of Tears after some band of merry men after defeat in 1798 retreated there to have a bit of a cry. But I cant find any record of that online.

Stop the Press

Thanks Niall MacMonagle for the write up in this weeks Sunday Independent!

Poolbeg May 2024

20x20cm Plein air oil on board From Sandymount Strand towards the Poolbeg Towers.

Bray Head Horse Field Haw

25x25cm Plein air oil on board finished in studio. Tasty Haw in sunshine, in the horse farm on Bray Head with a nice copse of trees behind towards Bray Head cross.

The Fairy Haw

30x30cm Oil on Board Painted near Glen of the Downs on a sunny day. Original title was ‘Roadside Haw’ but I somehow turned it into an ethereal underwater nocturne. Ill pretend I meant to do that and give it an appropriate title.

Eric Clapton

25x25cm Oil sketch on board.  

Orpen About Farmleigh

I have loved William Orpens paintings ever sinced I learned to paint in my late 20’s at a night class in Bray from Jim Morrison of Signal Arts Centre Bray. Jim introduced me to Orpen’s work I think. I must be prone to hero worship and fanaticism. When I learned guitar, Jimi Hendrix got under my skin and I didnt …

Orpen About Howth

Another whimsical re-imagining of my painting hero Sir William Orpen. I took the background from one of his paintings on Howth Head with Bray in the background. 40x40cm oil on circular canvas.

Orpen About Town

For a bit of fun I tried to imagine Sir William Orpen out for a stroll perhaps or out on the tear in early 1900’s Dublin. Something a bit comical about it, maybe the head is too big. 22x55cm oil on board. Edit: I cant believe this painting was just bought and given as a gift to Neil Orpen at …

Leonard Rossiter

20x20cm Oil on Board. My favourite English comedian. Watching him reminds me of being a kid in the 80’s allowed to stay up a bit late.


30x40cm Oil on canvas 3hr life session at the Schoolhouse Enniskerry.

A boat Load of Bullocks

Plein air oil on board 25x35cm Freezing morning at Bullock Harbour Dalkey.


15x15cm Oil sketch on board


20x20cm oil on board.

Eimear 2

20x20cm Oil on board