Leonard Rossiter

20x20cm Oil on Board. My favourite English comedian. Watching him reminds me of being a kid in the 80’s allowed to stay up a bit late.


30x40cm Oil on canvas 3hr life session at the Schoolhouse Enniskerry.

A boat Load of Bullocks

Plein air oil on board 25x35cm Freezing morning at Bullock Harbour Dalkey.


15x15cm Oil sketch on board


20x20cm oil on board.

Eimear 2

20x20cm Oil on board

Andre the Giant 2

15x15cm oil on board To be donated to Signal Arts Bray SOS exhibition.

Apple and Newsprint

15x15cm Oil on board Gonna donate to Signal Arts Centre SOS Exhibition.

Leadmines Winter

15x15cm Plein air oil on board in the freezing cold at Carrigolligan. Donating to Signal Arts Charity exhibition.


30x40cm oil on canvas. 3 hr life session at the Schoolhouse For Art, Enniskerry.


21x20cm Oil on board

Little One

20x20cm oil on board.

Lansdowne Road Stadium

Dropped off my painting for the Dublin Painting Sketching Club Annual Open Exhibition which is open for the next 2 weeks at Windmill Lane if you wanna take a look at some great art. On my way home stopped off in the hood for a quick plein air. First painting in a good few weeks. Plein air oil on board. …

Portrane Martello Tower

Second final layer – First plein air layer – 25x25cm Plein air oil on board.


DJ Pooh

25x35cm oil on board.   Bit of portrait practice turned into a decent painting in the end. Blast from my teenage past.